eBay Captchas - How to (hopefully) avoid them


eBay seems to have too many customers and therefore gate some of their pages with captcha.

This has impacts on both PowerSniper and PowerSearcher.


I noticed that eBay captcha occurs mostly after having launched many searches through their search engine.

It seems especially sensible to the option: 'sold items'. Once in captcha loop, they will occur anytime, even at logout!

This has impacts on both PowerSniper and PowerSearcher.

PowerSniper will alert in its logs, but not all the time, and you may get a generic 'too late for sniping' error, as reported by some users.

Possible Workarounds

  • Try using a different ebay site, ie ebay.it instead of ebay.de ...
  • Use a different computer or different browser, even on a same network, this might help.
  • Use a VPN, this seems paradoxal, but it works once you have found the right VPN peer.
  • Use category pages instead of search engine one, these pages are static and not gated, and will not increase your captcha scoring.
  • Try reboot your internet box and fetch a different IP.
  • Wait a couple of days without using eBay.
  • Reduce 'refresh period' setting: 10 min or even an hour is more than sufficient. This parameter is only used to synchronize ebay clock with yours. And refresh is launched at startup anyway.