PowerSniper for eBay 3.1.11

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Win more eBay auctions with less effort, avoid bidding wars, save time and money!


This extension provides a local eBay auction sniping feature in a web browser.
It will automate snipe bidding on your behalf just before the end of auction.

Unlike other sniper applications this extension doesn't need your eBay password so it won't be disclosed on any server. Your eBay account is safe and secure.
All needed is an opened web browser tab with an active ebay session (this tab doesn't need to be visible).

PowerSniper comes with a free and a premium version.

Check out differences here.


Main screen
Add, remove, edit snipes

Edit Snipe
Edit snipe price and group

Configure eBay site, displayed columns ...


  • Easy snipe with url drag n drop from your eBay site.
  • Group sniping: do not buy more than one item from a group (pro version only).
  • Import all items from your watchlist (pro version only).
  • Persist and restore state to a local config file (pro version only)
  • Locking bid: issue a single bid toward the end of auction if no bids, this will prevent seller from withdrawing the object (pro version only).
  • Last chance bid: issue a single bid toward the end of auction if current price is only a tick away from your maximum price (pro version only).


  • Right click on extension icon, launch the tool.
  • Left click opens configuration panel.
  • Leave the tool open while sniping, with at least a part of its window visible.


  • Edge users : turn off these options : "efficiency mode when connected to power", " Save resources with sleeping tabs".
  • Chrome users : enable Chrome flags #battery-saver-mode-available and #high-efficiency-mode-available, then disable these both options in settings.
  • Also turn off any power saving options from your operating system.
  • If you use a laptop ensure that device is plugged in.
  • Activate 'sound trick' option or leave a part of the PowerSniper tab visible. More on Chrome throttling here.
  • The displayed end time is calculated from remaining time grabbed from ebay site and is not accurate for actions lasting more than one day. Remaining time is periodically checked (see refresh period in advanced settings) and is getting precise only below 24h remain time lapse.
  • Beware of eBay captchas!. Look here for details.
  • Do not launch several instances of PowerBuyer.
  • Depending on your internet connection, avoid heavy network activity (like internet download, video preview ...), beware of Windows Update.
  • If you update settings through the browser toolbar button and Powersniper extension is opened, then you will need to refresh that page.

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