PowerSearcher for eBay 4.4.1

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Make better deals on eBay, get rid of sponsored and other unwanted items.


This free web browser extension adds valuable information and features directly to your eBay search page, improving your browsing experience.

When searching for items on eBay, PowerSearcher introduces additional filtering options and enhancement options.

Especially is a dedicated adblocker feature that blocks promoted listings.


Responsive on-screen item filters and enhancers on the eBay search page

Configuration panel for customizing the extension's settings and on-screen behavior


  • Install the extension in your web browser.
  • Open eBay and enter your search query. An additional panel will appear on the left side of your eBay search page, allowing you to toggle filters on or off.
  • Click on the PowerSearcher icon to access further configuration options.
  • Depending on your settings, more panels may be added to the left side of your eBay search page. Use the configuration dialog panel's 'display' option to adjust on-screen behavior.


PowerSearcher can filter the following from your search results:

  • Auction items with no bids
  • Items sold by sellers with no feedback or low ratings
  • Excessive delivery shipping fees
  • Block sponsored or promoted items (sponsored ads are also removed from item content and category pages)
  • Custom blacklist of items
  • Custom blacklist of sellers
  • Items with reserve prices not met (resource-intensive).
  • Stock or duplicated image (quick heuristic, err on the side of caution)
  • Custom keywords based on settings list (case insensitive, doesn't split on space, and uses item description if available)


PowerSearcher can display or remove the following additional information:

  • Price, including shipping cost
  • Item description as provided by seller (resource-intensive)
  • Smaller items: slightly shortens margins and thumbnail max height to display more items per screen
  • View seller profile: direct link to the seller's profile page
  • Infinite scrolling: loads next search pages up front for a continuous browsing experience (resource-intensive)
  • Grab extra space: allocates more space for item content display (works with or without adblocker)
  • Persistence of left panel collapse state (configurable in the main configuration panel)
  • Remove seldom used left filter panels (configuration accessible in main configuration panel)
  • Average price calculation based on displayed items
  • Remove emojies from title
  • Memorize search location preference


Left-click the PowerSearcher extension icon to access options, or right-click the icon and select menu 'Option' item.

  • Settings
    • Display and use: uncheck to disable the extension.
    • Clear all caches: clears dismissed item caches, dismissed seller cache, item description cache, reserve auction cache and stock image cache.
    • Save / Restore settings: store preferences onto a local config file
  • Display
    • Configure each filter's activation and on-screen visibility.
  • Vendors
    • Minimum seller rating: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter.
    • Minimum seller feedbacks: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter.
    • Allow new sellers: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter, a new user will not be filtered even if this filter is activated.
  • Objects
    • Maximum shipping price: used in 'Excessive shipping cost' filter
    • Scroll cache: used in 'Continuous scrolling' enhancer, number of ahead items loaded
    • Filter keywords: used in 'Custom keywords' filter: use this to remove items containing one of these keywords. Keyword list is case insensitive. Keywords might contain spaces.
    • Allow sponsored ads if active auctions: even if sponsored item filter is on, sponsored auction ads will still be displayed if it has one or more active auctions.


  • Some features may be disabled depending on whether you are logged in, searching through sold items, or using a specific eBay site.
  • The extension only works in 'list' mode, not in 'gallery' mode.

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