PowerSearcher for eBay 3.2.9

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Make better deals on eBay, get rid of sponsored and other unwanted items.


This free web browser extension tool provides value added information right within your eBay search page.

When searching for items on eBay, PowerSearcher might remove these from your result page:

  • Auction items without any bid.
  • Items sold by seller without any feedback or low rating.
  • Too many items published by the same seller in a row.
  • Excessive delivery shipping fees.
  • Sponsored or promoted objects.
  • Custom dismissed objects list.
  • Custom dismissed sellers list.
  • Objects having reserve price, and reserve price is not met (resource hungry).
  • Stock or duplicated image (quick heuristic, err on the side of caution).
  • Custom keywords based on setting list. Filtering is case insensitive, doesn't split on space and uses item description if available.

Within eBay search result page, PowerSearcher might display:
  • Price with shipping cost included.
  • Item description as provided by seller (resource hungry).
  • Smaller items: slightly shorten margins and thumbnail max height to display more items per screen.
  • Continuous scrolling: load next search pages up front to provide continuous mouse wheel scrolling experience (resource hungry)




  • You must be logged for the extension to work properly.
  • Install the extension in your web browser.
  • Open your eBay page and type your search. An additional panel is added on the left side to your eBay search screen in order to set filters on or off within.
  • Click on PowerSearcher icon to further configure the extension.


Left click on PowerSearcher extension icon to display options, or right click extension icon then menu item 'Option'.

  • Settings
    • Display and use: uncheck to disable the extension
    • Clear all caches: clear dismissed object cache, dismissed seller cache, object description cache, object has reserve auction cache, stock image cache.
  • Vendors
    • Minimum seller rating: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter
    • Minimum seller feedbacks: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter
    • Allow new sellers: used in 'Low profile sellers' filter, a new user will not be filtered even if this filter is activated
    • Max seller objects in a row: used in 'Spamming sellers' filter, objects are filtered if more consecutive objects from a single seller than this count appear in search result list.
  • Objects
    • Maximum shipping price: used in 'Excessive shipping cost' filter
    • Filter keywords: used in 'Custom keywords' filter: use this to remove items containing one of these keywords. Keyword list is case insensitive. Keywords might contain spaces.


  • Filtering is disabled when searching in sold or complete items.
  • Extension only works in 'list' mode, not in 'gallery' mode.

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