Powerbuyer for Amazon 1.2.10

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This free extension is a buy bot for Amazon. It will automatically purchase a product if available within a given price limit.


  • No config script to edit (use drag and drop link to fetch ASIN).
  • Multi products list.
  • Automatically skip all options and confirm password screens up to purchase screen.
  • Manage min/max quantity, sold by Amazon only or fulfilled by Amazon only.
  • Compatible with various Amazon websites.




  • Install the extension in your web browser.
  • Right click on extension icon, select your Amazon site, your maximum purchase limit, then launch the tool.
  • Press start button.
  • Click on 'Import Wish List' button or drag and drop Amazon url links on extension window
  • Leave the tool open while sniping, with at least a part of its window visible.


Please read this carefully.

Before running:

  • Choose your local amazon site.
  • Preferably fill your Amazon password in PowerBuyer settings (this is stored encrypted or not stored if you prefer, locally and not disclosed).
  • Have your Amazon account payement and address options configured.
  • Configure your global purchase limit in settings.
  • Use 'sound trick' option.
  • Prefer leaving options 'Sold by Amazon only' and 'fulfilled by Amazon only' checked.
  • Avoid buying digital or used goods.
  • Don't forget to press start button again after each edit or config settings.

While running, please:
  • Have a browser tab with an Amazon session logged in (preferably log with option 'Keep me signed in').
  • Have a part of extension window visible. More on Chrome throttling here.
  • Do not use your Amazon cart and do not perform purchases while running the extension.
  • Do not launch several instances of PowerBuyer.

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