Mongomix Application 2.2.9

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The most convenient way to browse and edit you mongoDB data.




This is a free MongoDb client for Windows and MacOs.


  • Full text search engine.
  • Object editing.
  • Import export.
  • User editing.
  • Thumbnail image preview.
  • Also works on Cosmos DB.


  • Download the package for your plateform.
    Unzip and run the executable.
    Packages are portable and run without administrator priviledge.
  • Configure your MongoDB connection.
    Leave user and password blank if your connection doesn't require authentication.
    Leave password if you don't want Mongomix to store your password (will be asked at reconnection).
  • Mongomix includes four different search engines, named:
    • 'Plain Text' is by default , works out of the box, slowest since each records of a collection have to be scanned on client side.
    • 'Mongo Fields' generates MongoDB search filter based on tokenized input query. It works out of the box too, faster than previous since executes on server side. It gives less results than 'Fuzzy Plain Text' though, since it doesn't search into sub objects nor sub arrays.
    • 'MongoDB Text': uses mongoDB text indexes (that are not activated by default ).This is the fastest way of searching.
      Use embedded feature 'Add Index' in order to activate text index in all collection of a database.
      Query is being searched with OR on each tokens instead of AND.
      see this Youtube video for more details.
    • 'ObjectId': fast search objects by mongoId type id only.

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