User Data Privacy for web browser extensions


This User data policy applies to all published browser extensions on this website:

The published extensions provide an enriched user experience on third-party websites, with full documentation available on each extension's webpage.

Affected Extensions

  •  SellerProtect  shield yourself from unscrupulous and dishonest buyers on eBay.
  •  PowerSniper  automatic last-second bidding for eBay auctions within your web browser.
  •  PowerSearcher  add extra search filters directly to your eBay search page.

Data collection methods

Extensions may collect data under the following circumstances:

  • Scrapped data from designated third-party websites by the extension related to the fully documented extension purpose.
  • Data knowingly entered by the user, related to fully documented extension purpose.

Types of Data

  • Website data: non-personal data from designated third-party websites for the extension's purpose.
    This may include public user pseudonyms, user purchase item lists, search requests, selling object lists...
  • End-user preferences: non-personal data explicitly provided by the end-user through a documented extension dialog interface.
    This may include extension display preferences, target websites ...
  • End-user license data: user credentials and license keys explicitly provided by the end user.
  • End-user community data: data explicitly collected from a specific GUI and willingly shared by the end-user for community benefit. This may include opinion on products or services, public pseudonym, but will exclude email addressess, names, phone numbers or any other personal data.
  • Personal user preferences: some extensions may require credentials to access third-part websites.
    These data are explicitly requested through a documented extension dialog interface.
    This may include a username/password for a third-party website.

Data usage

  • No data is collected without the end-user's explicit knowledge or consent.
  • End-user license data data might be explicitly shared with third-party websites for license verification purpose only.
  • End-user community data may be stored on third-party websites and publicly shared.
  • Website data is stored locally, not disclosed nor shared remotely, and is only used by the extension.
  • Personal user preferences may be stored locally in encrypted form, not disclosed or shared remotely, and are only used by the extension.